Colleen Hodgson

Songs of Maggie

Colleen Hodgson’s debut folk record
Released in June 2008 on Biggiola Records.

Hailing from Stratford Ontario, Colleen Hodgson has been a familiar face on the Toronto music scene for several years as a bass player and back up singer for performers such as John Borra, Irish folk singer Andy
White, Zeppelinesque and most recently with Grier Coppins of Taxi
chain in a new project called “The Loaders“.

A few years ago she stepped up to the mic to front her own band.

Songs of Maggie“, conceived with long time friend and songwriting
partner Maggie Fraser is Colleen Hodgson’s first record. It was
recorded at Liquid Toronto by producer Alec Fraser (Jeff Healey) and
features guest performances by Ontario musicians Rick Fines, Jerome
, and Drew Jurecka as well as featuring Cleave Anderson and Mikey McCallum who play regularly in Colleen’s band.


Dirk Beck




Long Walk to Nowhere

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Release date: Aug. 1, 2006
17 tracks of acoustic roots, including Michael Capponi‘s favorite blues, folk, country and bluegrass, most of them Brokenjoe originals Joe Toole-banjo, Jerome Godboo- harmonica and Alec Fraser-brushbass.